PayPhi Digital
Enablement Suite


PayPhi Digital Enablement Suite has been successfully enabling businesses to embrace the digital payments ecosystem with smart interventions to automate, integrate and streamline payment transactions across an omni-channel platform.

The core philosophy of PayPhi Digital Enablement Suite is that there are multiple aspects which need to be considered while processing payments such as the use case, profile of consumer and type of service being rendered by the merchant.

As a result, customer using PayPhi are able to deliver superior payment experience to consumers and witness faster adoption of digital payments by consumers




Explore the world of infinite payment opportunities that cater to a diverse consumer base – from smart digital shoppers, digital wallet loyalists, to the conventional in-store POS purchasers, our Payment Gateway offers real-time, error free and secure payment processing for varying modes and methods of payment.

Consumer friendly and flexible payment interface

Instant merchant

Standard APIs for seamless

Secure and uninterrupted


PayPhi e-Invoices offers an automated platform for streamlining remote payments. Customisable to a single click payment, the solution is extremely hassle free and simple.

Create customized

Drastically reduce payment collection efforts & operating costs

Timely collection through
SMS and e-mail notification

Real time tracking of paid
& unpaid invoices


Our innovative in-store digital payment acceptance solutions help ensure a smooth payment experience for consumers. Adding power to your business our cashless payments tools help:

Zero investment in physical hardware and consumables

Real time integration with cash registers

Flexibility to consumers to choose from multiple
payment modes


PayPhi eCOD empowers consumers to shop online and make cashless payments on delivery, addressing the concerns of several online shoppers who are wary to pay in advance over a digital platform before receiving their order.

PayPhi eCOD is:

Cost effective, trust
enhancing solution

Simplified & efficiency enhancing solution last mile operators

Extremely scalable with simple integration of API

Intuitive experience for consumers along with remote payments

Single solution for last mile operators for shipment to payment mapping, tracking & reconciliation


Our solutions for recurring payments and subscriptions help drive efficiency in your receivables processes, especially when dealing with periodic receivables and subscriptions. Our solutions offer:

Accurate, timely and automated operations for recurring collections

Payment head-wise multi account settlement options

Consumer friendly with pre-populated payment pages

Real time notifications via SMS /E-mail for successful payments

Late payment management and penalties


Our Cashless collection at doorsteps enables merchants to automate and digitise their collections process while also simplifying the last mile operations. Further, with economic and simple solutions, this feature promotes doorstep commerce with:

Real time outstanding information through collection updates via API integration to enterprise system

Enhanced consumers experience through flexible multi-channel
payment options

Direct settlement to account, no tedious cash reconciliation


We offer intelligent and simplified solutions that accelerate processing of merchant pay-outs, by ensuring:

Customised pay-outs depending upon business requirement (single or multiple split settlement)

Flexibility for gross or net settlement

Ease in reconciliation
through summary
settlement reports

Simple settlement tracking through dashboard


We understand the needs of modern consumers, in various stages of growth, and offer credit solutions that empowers them to realise their full potential. We offer:

Approved credit line for consumers

Affordable interest

EMI based on your requirements for all
purchases & payments

Auto reminders for

Multi-mode repayment


You can now offer your consumers a smooth and convenient cashless transaction experience. Our account management platform allows you to create your own white labelled digital wallet program.

Bespoke wallet solutions for expense management, cashless campuses

Intuitive portals for self service by consumer & program management by corporates

Form factor agnostic