We help businesses design a practical and efficient payments strategy that is aligned to their business goals. Leveraging our deep domain expertise and cutting-edge technology approach, our clients benefit through:

  • Comprehensive business plans
  • Result oriented business strategies
  • Accurate integration with external dependencies
We provide thought leadership and highend consulting services in the payments domain. Our consulting and professional services include business analysis, solution design and architecture, vendor selection, project management as well as advisory services. We assist large financial institutions in planning migration strategies from legacy platforms and gearing up to leverage emerging technologies like Blockchain and Open Banking.

Efficient payments technology infrastructure is vital for businesses today. Our technology expertise empowers businesses to adopt the most relevant technologies to match their business needs and help them remain responsive to a dynamic market. We provide bespoke services around payments innovation across all channels (Internet, Mobile, Kiosks, POS, ATM) and all products (credit, debit, prepaid).

We understand the significance of a reliable transaction simulation tool to help institutions and networks effectively test and integrate with payments ecosystem Some of the key features included in our tools include:

Single tool for stress testing, certification & regression

Suitable for both card present (EMV compliant) & card not present environments


Use predefined test
or custom test cases