Phi Commerce and Mastercard Join Hands to Incentivise Digital Payments through Cashback

At Phi Commerce, we strive to enhance India’s digital payment ecosystem through our innovative payment solutions. Recently, we did a pan India launch of PayPhi Bharat QR-based payment solution. The solution has multiple benefits to consumers and merchants but the cherry on the cake is that there is an instant cashback offered by Mastercard for those who pay digitally using this solution. This is first of its kind program where Mastercard has tied up with a payment processing company to offer cashback to its consumers.

In its first leg, this promotion will incentivize country wide delivery staff and consumers of HP Gas for payments made via BharatQR using Mastercard.  

Over the next few months, there are plans to extend this promotion to other merchants of Phi Commerce such as logistics companies covering 12000 PIN codes across India

Benefits for the consumers

The PayPhi-enabled solution is extremely easy to use and leverages the Bharat QR technology. To make a digital payment, consumers don’t need to download any separate mobile app. They can make the transactions right through their banking app. The many benefits of using this solution include –

  • 3 simple steps to making digital payments
  • Consumers can use any Bharat QR-enabled banking app for making faster and secure payments
  • Consumers don’t need to share their mobile number or swipe their cards or share the CVV with any third-party.
  • Consumers don’t need to hand over their cards to the delivery boy – making the transactions extremely safe and secure.
  • Consumers initiate the transactions themselves by scanning the QR code – giving them the feeling of full control of their payments.


The merchants who have signed up to accept payments through this solution enjoy a variety of benefits such as –

  • To use this solution, the merchants don’t need to invest in separate POS machines of banks resulting in a significantly lower cost of transaction
  • Unlike with cash-on-delivery (COD) payments, the merchants receive the money in their accounts almost immediately
  • The reconciliation of accounts is seamless, quick, and easy since all the payment details are reflected online in real-time
  • With all the gathered customer information, merchants can run specific campaigns to enhance their consumer experience


With this solution, PayPhi aims to make every small or large merchant, in every part of the country, a digital-enabled merchant!

Last mile service providers

Last mile service providers are always looking for ways to improve their deliveries, optimize costs, and keep their delivery staff engaged. With cashless payments, the last mile service providers are able to eliminate cash handling costs and the associated risks. They can have a transparent and easy to manage the partnership with their distributors. 


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