How a Long-Distance Rakshabandhan Changed Gifting Forever for Rahul

This is a story from not that long ago – earlier this month in fact. Rahul knew his sister really wanted an elegant bangle set, preferably with the latest design, preferably one she could wear at her job. There was a dilemma though. Rahul was working in Pune and his sister living in Delhi. How to make sure she got a great gold bangle set on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan?

Rahul had seen just the thing at an online jewellery store but was hesitant. He had no previous experience of the store and he wondered if the delivery would take place properly. It was jewellery after-all. Normally he would have been tempted to opt for COD and paid only when the good landed up. But that wouldn’t work in this case – he couldn’t make his sis pay for her own gift, could he? That’s when he heard about PayPhi. He heard how the system worked. He understood that he would get a notification when the goods were out for delivery and how he could then make a digital payment – right from his own phone, using his own net-banking app, without having to worry about any PIN or other inconveniences. This seemed like the perfect solution – ensure delivery and still be able to make a remote payment. Well, you can guess how it went after that – the delivery and payment went off without a hitch, and Rahul’s sis is drawing compliments at her workplace for a really snazzy bangle set. And Rahul? Well, he is now making plans to use PayPhi for sending gifts to not only his sis but also his parents in Meerut over the upcoming gifting season of Diwali too. Clearly, this Rakshabandhan has helped change gifting forever for Rahul.

Why Pay Phi worked for Rahul and it can, for you too this festive season!

Social media is full of customer complaints about incorrect products, delayed deliveries, and poor service from the online shopping portals. To be fair, this is not due to mala fide intentions or a lack of trying from the online portals. This is often because the newer brands are facing teething problems, or because the larger brands are just overwhelmed with scale issues. Unfortunately for them, and us the consumers, these issues multiply during the busy season – read festival season in India. This is when the big brands run special promotions and advertise heavily and the whole business changes. Research firm RedSeer Consulting found that in 2016 as much as 6.6% of the gross eCommerce sales in India over the entire year took place in just 5 days in October. Over this period, Flipkart & Amazon ran competing sales accompanied by extremely high-decibel marketing. At this time the perfect storm arrives for these portals to deal with. The volume of orders are sharply more, the complexities of the combinations people order online increase, costs need to be extremely efficiently managed given the extreme discounting at play, and this all comes to a come to a head when it comes to physical delivery of the ordered goods. The offers are attractive, and the convention is to buy and give gifts at this time. But surely, issues like these concern you? This is why many online shoppers, like you, prefer to opt for the cash on delivery (COD) option- you can pay only after the product has reached you.

But what if you, like Rahul, want to send a gift to someone in another city? Or why only another city, what about a surprise gift right in your city. Maybe you want to surprise your wife this Diwali and you want to give her jewelry too. You want it to be a surprise and so; you order something online. There’s really no way for you to guarantee your physical presence when delivery is about to happen is there? Are you then going to ask your wife to make the payment and ruin the surprise? Of course not!

In both cases, whether it is long-distance gifting or a surprise gift for your loved ones, you can, like Rahul, now turn to PayPhi. With PayPhi, you can choose the COD option, make sure the product reaches your doorstep and then make an online payment.

PayPhi is like COD, only better. It’s eCOD. As soon you get the product you asked with COD, you can pay online using PayPhi using your own digital device at the time of delivery. You can choose from the many payment methods – debit cards, credit cards, e-wallets, online banking, UPI, BharatQR, et al. Choose the best payment method that gives you the best rewards for even more happiness. This festive season be smart, be digital, be as generous as your heart has always desired, in other words, be like Rahul and experience how PayPhi has changed gifting forever.


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