Festivals and Online-Shopping – The Changing Face of Indian Culture

Did you know? During Amazon’s “Great Indian Festival” last year, orders were delivered in over 90 percent of India’s pincodes – a whopping 15 million units sold in a span of just days. During Diwali, 70 percent new shoppers from smaller cities were recorded last year. 65 percent of orders are coming from small cities. The growing number of Internet users in the country is changing the Indian mindset about buying goods and services online versus the traditional ways of shopping. Why the sudden change in India’s shopping culture especially during the festive season?

In the good old days before internet and smartphones reigned supreme, you needed to wait for a specific season and travel to different markets to get seasonal merchandise. Though traditional shopping in India has always been fun because of the diversity India offers in its culture, in today’s fast paced life it’s just not convenient. Online shopping reduces these limitations.

Besides, mobile commerce is likely to jump to 45-50 percent in 2017 from the current 30-35 percent of ecommerce sales. Did you know? Over 50 percent sales are from mobile, with a majority being first time users. A study says women and young adults shop more from mobile shopping apps. Shopping is always blissful when convenience and savings are involved!

The unfettered bliss of online shopping

  • Deals, returns, and gifts! Online shopping surges by a great margin around the festive season in the country. A large number of consumers indulge in shopping for themselves as well as their loved ones during the festive season. The online shopping increases around 67% from the normal levels.
  • Online promotions, discount coupon codes, etc. and the refund or return system with a single click are some of the best motivations to purchase online. During the festive season, online shopping gives you the flexibility to send gifts anywhere to your dear ones. Now distance is not an excuse anymore!
  • The convenience and comfort are the biggest perks of online shopping. Where else can you comfortably shop at midnight in your pajamas? You can shop 24/7 in a ‘no pollution’ environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the town or city crowds. You don’t have to wait in a queue for the payment.
  • Endless variety is an inspiration for any avid shopper. specifically for festivals, to go online and choose several local, national, international brands and products – just at a click of a button. Never before have Indians got the power to get foreign products so easily. It used to always be a friend or a relative on vacation from foreign shores who could bring fancy products. With online shopping during this festival season, Indian consumers can go all out to get their favorites things, anytime.
  • Compare prices and read reviews before buying: Comparison-shopping engines allow you to easily check prices and compare products. This gives you the freedom to determine which online store offers the most affordable item you want to pick up. Consumers now can also look at customer experiences or check the company profile before buying
  • Being digital: You don’t have to carry hard cash with you. There are so many payment options like Net banking, e-wallet, Credit or Debit cards, UPI etc. And even if you opt for COD – with alternatives such as PayPhi, you can pay digitally upon delivery of your consignment. Isn’t that worth trying?

All these benefits have meant that the Indian festival shopper has a completely fresh and Digital outlook on the season. The 2017 shopping season has just been kicked off – will you be in the online or the offline camp?


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