Fintech startup Phi Commerce is bringing doorstep payments innovation to non-metro India

Pune-based Phi Commerce operates a payments processing platform, PayPhi, for Cash-on-Delivery orders. Now, it is also tapping into card and credit purchases.

That India runs on cash is a foregone conclusion. It is one of the reasons why demonetisation was deemed a “disaster” in most economic circles. Even though India’s online shoppers (of both goods and services) are estimated to cross 329 million by 2020, their primary mode of transaction remains offline i.e. cash on delivery (COD).

But, last-mile logistics around COD – from lack of trust and connectivity issues to clunky payment gateways – continue to plague all stakeholders: merchants, delivery partners, and customers. Additionally, cash collection costs are huge, and issues like fraud, pilferage, and counterfeit notes, prevail.

It is this problem that Pune-based fintech startup Phi Commerce set out to resolve three years ago. It built an omni-channel frictionless payment processing platform – PayPhi – that enabled all modes of digital payments at the customer’s doorstep


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